NLH Hotels

Neighborhood Lifestyle Hotels


The NLH philosophy offers a new kind of product and service whilst traveling; one that is comfortable and simple, a place where you can seamlessly be connected, a setting where you can become a part of an experience by interacting with the people that live there as well as staff, and a place where design adds to the uniqueness of the adventure.

NLH hotels have been designed for the modern traveler with high-quality services and seamless comfort that truly add value to the travel experience. They operate as traveler’s hubs with personality, furnished with taste and superb functionality, creating a comfortable, homey and stylish hotel experience.

At NLH, we are the biggest followers of your needs!
We aim to offer services that truly matter, those that guests really want and need rather than an array of superfluous services they do not use. Our service philosophy is intuitive and natural, treating our guests with respect and honesty.

NLH in partnership with “Breakfast in Athens”, offers you the possibility of enjoying a wholesome Breakfast Box that caters to all your dietary needs and taste preferences crafted by our reliable partners, delivered on request, to be enjoyed in the comfort of your room.

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Extra Services
Extra services include a
24-hour front desk.
Nightlife & Shopping
Restaurants, bars and shops can be found just a few steps away from each NLH property.


NLH hotels have chosen to be located in authentic neighborhoods at the foot of the Acropolis and other points of interest. Trendy restaurants, designer boutiques jostle for space with traditional bakeries and down-to-earth eateries, happily accommodating both the locals who live here and the tourists who love it, without sacrificing their true identity.