Our Neighborhoods

NLH Hotels have chosen to be located in authentic neighborhoods at the foot of the Acropolis and other points of interest. Trendy restaurants, designer boutiques jostle for space with traditional bakeries and down-to-earth eateries, happily accommodating both the locals who live here and the tourists who love it, without sacrificing their true identity. 

Monastiraki Neighborhood

Monastiraki, so named for the monastic compound that once dominated the area, is where the city’s layered history is most evident. It is where ancient and contemporary Athens converge to give the district its unique character. 

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Kerameikos Neighborhood

Kerameikos has a storied history as an ancient potter’s settlement, and today, this edgy neighbourhood brims with the creative energy that informed its first inhabitants with ceramic studios, artist-run galleries,  and improv speakeasies behind grafitti-splashed facades.

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Koukaki-Fix Neighborhood

Ancient glory and contemporary culture intertwine to make Syggrou Avenue the new cultural artery of the city. Syggrou Avenue not only links the city center with the sea, it is the epicenter of cultural activity.

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Mati Neighborhood

This quiet and laid back seaside village is the perfect setting for your Mediterranean getaway, combining pristine waters and authentic natural beauty with exceptional geographical location.

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