Urban Hospitality

NLH Fix is a contemporary hospitality experience based on an immersive local experience. We create cultural-centric neighborhood spaces where people live, relax, share and enjoy. As its name suggests, it is designed to pique your curiosity about the history, the urban legends and the authentic experiences that define the destination.

Infused with local culture, NLH Fix creates a warm and inviting urban experience with residential style accommodation, cultural-centric neighborhood venues and intuitive and informal service.

An urban retreat
Designed for the modern traveler with high-quality services and seamless comfort that truly add value to the travel experience, NLH Fix, housed in a seven-storey building is a residential hub with personality, furnished with taste and superb functionality, creating a comfortable, homey and stylish hotel experience.
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NLH Suites
NLH Fix’s 13 spacious and airy suites are individually decorated in a soothing, “no color” palette, with a mix of custom and iconic hand-picked pieces of furniture, evoking a sense of ease and comfort of a friendly home with amazing style.

Comfortable and simple

We offer a new kind of product and service whilst traveling; one that is comfortable and simple, a place where you can seamlessly be connected, a setting where you can become a part of an experience by interacting with the people that live there as well as staff, and a place where design adds to the uniqueness of the adventure.