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The NLH experience is a contemporary hospitality experience based on an immersive local experience. As its name suggests, it is designed to pique your curiosity about the history, the urban legends and the authentic experiences that define the destination. Infused with local culture, NLH supports our local communities and aims to create heartfelt, urban experiences.

A Residential Style Accommodation

Our whole approach to hospitality is based on making our guests really feel they’re at home, with small details and special touches, infusing our living spaces with warmth and local culture, in the best location the city has to offer.

Smartly designed to fit individual needs, they come in different sizes, each with monsoon power shower, seamless connectivity, each space with its own unique character. The only variables are the size of the kitchenettes and balconies which differ in size and views. All this with a reasonable price, keeping the rest of your budget for the city life.

Cultural-centric neighbourhood venues

Our living spaces are in the middle of the action but ensconced in a real neighbourhood. You are confronted with the ancient and the contemporary. A place that is designed to be affordable and accessible, a place where everyone is welcome and feels comfortable.

Intuitive and informal Service

Our discreet and respectful service is all about creating a trusted relationship. To offer services that matter, those that guests really want – for an astonishing price. We are the biggest followers of our guest’s basic needs!

The Beginning

It all started when we were wondering what kind of hotel we would like to stay in, while visiting a city! We erased all the unnecessary features and we upscaled the ones that really matter. We create a global community with local content, filled with energy and social interaction.

We have developed a place to live. A hotel with a personality, that makes your stay easy. After all, you came here to enjoy the city. So,enjoy the city!

Our Service FEELosophy

Creating Guest Experiences based on Human Luxury!

We have our CEO in every hotel but (s)he is actually an active Customer Executive Officer, who manages the daily operations and – most importantly – takes care of our guests’ needs, spoken & unspoken.

We place emphasis on the individuality of our colleagues and we encourage them to make a step forward – with creativity and enthusiasm – in order to surprise our guests by exceeding their expectations.

The NLH Hospitality
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