NLH Fix / Accommodation

Corner Suite

Sleeps: 3 persons |
Room Size: 36 m2 / 390 ft2

The Corner Suite is a spacious suite, located at the angle of each floor overlooking Syggrou Avenue that leads to the coast on end and the temple of Olympian Zeus on the other.

View details From 94.71€ / night

Avenue Suite

Sleeps: 4 persons |
Room Size: 39 m2 / 420 ft2

Avenue Suite is a sunlit spacious suite located on the front side of NLH FIX overlooking Syggrou Avenue and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

View details From 102.83€ / night

Acropolis Attic

Sleeps: 2 persons |
Room Size: 20 m2 / 215 ft2 + private terrace

Located on the top floor of NLH Fix, The Acropolis Attic Suite is an intimate, private space that opens onto a sprawling private terrace with an unobstructed view of the sacred rock.

View details From 118.42€ / night

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