Kerameikos: The Beating Heart of Athens


Kerameikos, a neighborhood rich in history and vibrant atmosphere, is one of the most exciting parts of modern Athens. As you walk through its picturesque streets, one can feel the energy and pulse of the city, as old and new blend harmoniously in a unique urban patchwork.

Kerameikos Alternative Neighborhood

Kerameikos Alternative Neighborhood

The eclectic architectural landscape

The old neoclassical buildings, with their faded facades and ornate balconies, stand proudly next to modern cafes, bars and art galleries, creating an eclectic architectural landscape that is captivating to the eye. Street art and graffiti adorning the walls add a touch of authenticity and creative expression, reflecting the free spirit of the area.

The Kerameikos area

Walking through the streets of Kerameikos, careful observers can spot traces of the December ’44 events on the walls of the Negreponte House, which once housed the British Embassy.

Until the mid-20th century, Kerameikos was a thriving middle-class neighborhood with a vibrant theatrical and social life. This legacy is still evident today, with many theatres operating in the area.

Other notable features include the marble fountain in Karaiskaki Square, the 19th century horse-drawn tram and the historic café ‘The Bridge’. One of the most important events that took place in Kerameikos was the resolution of Otto’s expulsion in 1862, at the mansion of Demetrios Botsaris.

Kerameikos, with its turbulent history, remains a living witness to Athens’ past, offering visitors a fascinating journey through time.

The vibrant neighborhood of Athens

The heart of Kerameikos beats in the narrow alleys and squares where local residents and visitors meet to enjoy a coffee or a drink, share stories and celebrate life. Traditional cafes and trendy bars coexist harmoniously, catering for all tastes and all moods.

The atmosphere is full of music, laughter and aromas from the kitchens of the surrounding restaurants. From traditional Greek flavours to exotic dishes from around the world, Kerameikos is a gastronomic paradise for food lovers.

Kerameikos Metro Station

Kerameikos Metro Station

The evening in Kerameikos

As the sun sets, the neighborhood transforms into a bright spectacle with lights hanging over the streets and live music spilling out of the bars and clubs. Kerameikos is the perfect place to get lost in the magic of an Athenian night and feel the pulse of the city.

This multicultural and dynamic neighborhood, with its authentic charm and artistic atmosphere, is a true gem of Athens. Kerameikos is a place to visit to experience the quintessence of modern Athenian life and discover a side of the city that masterfully combines tradition with creativity and innovation.

A Trendy Vibrant Neighborhood

A Trendy Vibrant Neighborhood

In the comfort of NLH Kerameikos

One of the hidden gems of Kerameikos is NLH Kerameikos, a modern and elegant hotel that offers guests a unique accommodation experience. Built in a renovated neoclassical building, NLH Kerameikos masterfully combines traditional architecture with modern amenities and design. Its beautifully decorated rooms and suites provide a comfortable retreat after a full day of exploring the city, while the friendly and helpful atmosphere makes guests feel at home. With its ideal location in the heart of Kerameikos, NLH Kerameikos is the perfect starting point to discover the charm and beauty of this unique neighborhood of Athens.



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