The Municipality of Athens’ Technopolis Hosts the Beer Festival | May 10-12, 2024


Every year, thousands of visitors from around the world gather at various events and festivals held in various parts of the city, offering a unique experience.

Athens Beer Festival

One of the most popular festivals in Athens is the Beer Festival, which brings beer lovers from every corner of the world to enjoy the delicious tastes and surprises it offers. For three days, the world of beer will be at the center of attention at the Municipality of Athens’ Technopolis, from May 10 to May 12, 2024.

Thousands of beer enthusiasts will gather to enjoy familiar as well as rare beer labels from premium brands from around the world, discover Greek microbreweries that bottle with passion and dedication, and get to know dozens of high-quality craft beers. The festival’s program includes interesting activities such as workshops, beer tastings, street food, live DJ sets, concerts, games, as well as stand-up comedy shows, creating an amazing three-day event full of surprises.

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