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Economy A.D.A

Sleeps: 2 persons |
Room Size: 20-29 m2/215-312 ft2

Located on the first floor, the Economy Room is a spacious double room with a large king size bed, with modular fixtures and furniture making it tailor-made for your specific room requirements.

View details From 137.78€ / night

Standard Double

Sleeps: 2 persons |
Room Size: 15 m2/161 ft2

The Standard Double Room sleeps 2 with a spacious king-size bed and a balcony that overlooks a quiet, leafy street in one of Athens’ most fascinating neighborhoods.

View details From 137.78€ / night

Comfort Room

Sleeps: 3 persons |
Room Size: 20-23 m2/215-248 ft2

The Comfort Room is a spacious room with natural light streaming in, smart lighting and muted aesthetics that lend it an air of quiet elegance.

View details From 131.94€ / night

Family Room

Sleeps: 4 persons |
Room Size: 26 m2/280 ft2

Ideal for a family of 4, the Family Room is split into two convivial spaces – one with the master bedroom and king-size bed that opens on to the balcony and views of verdant treetops.

View details From 139.23€ / night

Deluxe Room Veranda

Sleeps: 2 persons |
Room Size: 16 m2/172 ft2

The Deluxe Room Veranda opens on to a sprawling veranda on the 6th floor with commanding views of Athens.

View details From 146.52€ / night

Superior Suite Veranda

Sleeps: 4 persons |
Room Size: 23 m2/248 ft2

With a spacious veranda overlooking the silver dome of the National Observatory, the Superior Suite Veranda lets you enjoy the luxury of a green, urban sanctuary from the comfort of your room.

View details From 216.51€ / night

Executive Suite Veranda

Sleeps: 4 persons |
Room Size: 31 m2 / 334 ft2

With sweeping views of Athens and the gleaming silver dome of the Observatory rising above the skyline, the Executive Suite Veranda on the 6th floor, has a balcony with comfortable lounge chairs to soak in the gleaming lights of the city.

View details From 245.67€ / night

Acropolis View Suite

Sleeps: 2 persons |
Room Size: 16 m2 / 172 ft2

The Acropolis View Suite, on the 7th floor, offers views of the majestic temple that has inspired civilizations for millennia, and around whose foothills the city of Athens has thrived.

View details From 175.68€ / night

Grand Suite

Sleeps: 4 persons |
Room Size: 29 m2 / 312 ft2

The majestic Acropolis, the stunning silver orb of the National Observatory, Byzantine churches, ferris wheels and the neighborhood’s industrial legacy in the form of the fiery chimneys of the former gas station – all vie for attention as you watch life go on from the comfort of your balcony.

View details From 197.55€ / night

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