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Kerameikos has a storied history as an ancient potter’s settlement, and today, this edgy neighbourhood brims with the creative energy that informed its first inhabitants with ceramic studios, artist-run galleries,  and improv speakeasies behind grafitti-splashed facades.

The thought-provoking street murals here echo the pulse on the street – this is after all where Pericles and Dimosthenes debated at the Pnyx and where philosophers roamed the streets along the Sacred Way (Iera Odos).

In Kerameikos, reminders of the city’s chequered history abound and seamlessly mingle with contemporary architectural masterpieces.

From NLH, the majestic Acropolis dominates the landscape, inspiring the same awe and reverence it has for millennia.

Two landmarks built in the mid-19th century, the National Observatory, with it’s magnificent silver dome looms on the horizon, and the fiery obelisk-shaped chimneys of the old Gasworks Factory, now repurposed as a thriving cultural centre, host artistic events and activities for all ages throughout the year.

The paradoxes and chaotic energy of this neighbourhood is palpable at every turn.

You step out of NLH and a few metres away, you have hipster hangouts, vinyl stores, bars and nightclubs with DJs that stayopen until the wee hours, thrift shops, indie fashion boutiques and artisanal  stores - all making it the most colourful, fun zone of Athens.

Within walking distance  are the Kerameikos Museum, the Jewish synagogue, Ottoman-style Hammam baths and the Monastiraki flea market, all underscoring the cosmopolitan character of this vibrant neighborhood. 

For a destination with character, colour and charm, explore Kerameikos. 

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